Great restaurant below that is going on its tenth year in operation!. We are told how cool it is to be able to go downstairs and get a great meal, or enjoy a beverage and a sports game!

Historic Location Over Sean Patricks Irish Pub!

What s The Best Way to Secure a Spot?

Really affordable for a location on the Square! Unit rents include up to $60 per month in water usage, and trash. Cable and WIFI are not included.  Units receive one private marked parking space per unit. Other parking is available. 

Monthly Rent is Less Than $600 per Room! 

Great Place, and Affordable!

A great property doesn't last long on the market. We try to accommodate as many people as we can and  try to make these rentals as economical as possible.

Lofts of Sean Patrick's:

 Our apartments are designed to showcase some of the features of the historic building (built in 1885). The building was updated 

several years ago, it is registered in the National Historic Society. The apartments have exposed brick in some areas, and feature all stainless steel appliances.

Downtown San Marcos, TX

Great Location, Affordable Living on the Square!

We understand that these units are in high demand. We work off a waiting list, we do go to the waiting list prior to accepting any new tenant applications.

10 Lofts Above Sean Patrick's All are

Two Bedrooms and Two Baths for:

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202 E. San Antonio St

San Marcos, TX 78666